What Is a Supporting Statement in an Application Form

It doesn`t have to be a long report on how you fit into what the hiring manager is looking for. Instead, all you have to do is insert a simple sentence that says you have the combination of skills that the employer is looking for. It`s as simple as that – and what`s even better is that you can reuse that phrase from one statement of support to another and easily tailor it to the role or organization you`re applying for. You also need to know what skills the employer expects from their ideal candidate. This information can usually be found in the job description (often referred to as „person information“), but can appear in the job posting itself. Look for phrases like „We are looking for someone with…“ or „Our ideal candidate will be.. » ; Either way, that`s what you need to focus on to prove it. Make sure the statement of support conveys your personality and shows how motivated and enthusiastic you are. Use positive statements about yourself, for example. B by saying, „I have…“ “ instead of „my last employer a.. ».

Strong and active bullets and verbs can also hit your app. The statement in support of a cover letter is usually the first paragraph where candidates can present their most relevant qualifications and show employers how they fit into the role. The following example shows how you can format an opening statement when writing a cover letter: It`s entirely up to you to decide how you structure your statement of support, but there is a structure that I think works very well and that I recommend to clients during my supporting statements review service – structure it around the skills listed in the person`s specification. If the employer lists about five to eight competencies, that would be perfect to manage to structure your statement of support, but no more and I would recommend grouping them together. To do this, group together skills that relate to each other or are similar. For example, you can group computer skills, administrative and organizational skills, or interpersonal, customer service, and listening skills. When you create your statement of support, always keep a copy of the job offer you are applying for in front of you. Write down the specific skills requested in the ad and be sure to fall back on them at all times.

Try not to go on a tangent. This shows that you`ve taken the time to research what they do and are interested in working for them instead of just applying for a job you can find. Make them feel special. Practical tip: Submit your application form on time! Check the listing to see if a submission time is specified. If no time is mentioned, it is 11:59 p.m. on the day the app is closed. One of the most common ways to start a statement of support is to explain why they write (i.e., specify the role they are applying for and describe who they are). This usually means mentioning their current role and employer and a brief work history. It doesn`t have to be too long – remember that you have the rest of the statement to describe your skills, experience and competencies. A brief overview at the beginning of your return may work well. It may look like this: The next topic you should cover at the beginning of your statement of support is your selling points. It is the skills, knowledge, experience and/or skills that make you a suitable candidate for the position.

Just like when writing a profile on a resume, you need to use your judgment to decide what is worth highlighting at the beginning of your statement of support and what can stay later. If there is one, use the person`s specification as a guide. You may want to highlight the skills you consider most important. People often struggle to know how to start a statement of support, and this completely scares them away from writing. For this reason, I recommend leaving the opening until the end. If you have written a first draft of the main content, you will know the main points you want to cover and this will help you when writing your opening. When it comes to deciding how to end a statement of support, keep your message short and sweet. Avoid repeating yourself and instead provide a summary of your suitability and interest in the position. Think of your statement of support as an opportunity to explain why you want to work for the company and why your skills are tailored to what they`re looking for, rather than just scrolling down the details of your previous roles. First and foremost, the statement of support is your opportunity to explain why you want the position – your interest and attraction to the organization. At first, a little recruitment is not so secret: 95% of the person`s specifications are 95% identical.

You know the score: communication skills, attention to detail, multitasking, initiative, teamwork. Whatever your career, it`s likely that you`ll encounter certain requirements over and over again. Create a master copy that effectively covers all of this, and your future applications are already halfway there. Just be sure to tailor your answers to the position you`re applying for and update the examples throughout your career. The time you invest in writing your statement is a good preparation for an interview, as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your work experience, accomplishments, and accomplishments, and it focuses on remembering specific examples of a number of skills relevant to your work that will be important to you. to be able to demonstrate at every interview you will attend in the future. Practical tip: If you are applying for a graduate position, we ask that you use the STAR template to demonstrate your skills and their connection to our framework of strengths when writing your statement of support. For more information, please visit our Graduate Program page. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of a tailor-made statement of support. Copying and pasting something generic that covers all the bases just won`t get you noticed in such a competitive market. If you are able to recognize your abilities and talk about them, it will be easier for you to understand what you want to do.

When you apply for jobs, these are the things that will convince employers that you are the right person for the job. Practical tip: Save or print a copy of your application form and job profile so you can read it in the future. Once the publication is closed online, you will no longer be able to access your form through your online account. However, you can get a copy by sending an email to our recruitment team. As a rule, a supporting statement is only a few sentences long, but can be as long as a paragraph. The length of your statement of support may depend on the position, the employer, and the document in which you include it, .B. in a cover letter or resume. Whatever the reason for writing your statement, it`s important: when writing your statement of support, you need to make sure that your answers have a certain structure. .

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