Adhere to the Agreement

„If you can`t measure emission reductions, you can`t be sure that countries are sticking to the agreement,“ Kelly Sims Gallagher, an environment professor at Tufts University, told Science. The main point of contention was the US insistence that Turks continue to adhere to an agreement the country signed with the International Monetary Fund, which imposed strict conditions on Turkish lawmakers to reform its economy. If fighting against parties that abide by the agreement continues or breaks out, it could doom the talks that de Mistura has scheduled for February 7 to failure. Although participants who adhere to an agreement that does not allow external partners or who only engage in non-penetrative sexual activity with external partners also technically follow a negotiated safety regime [8], we were particularly interested in determining the factors associated with safety (condom use and/or testing) in men who had had sex with non-secure partners. According to reports, Hatoyama will soon announce a new plan that will largely adhere to a 2006 agreement to move the bustling marine corps air station Futenma to a less populated part of Okinawa — rather than moving it completely off the island, as he promised during last summer`s campaign. Courts scrutinize membership contracts and sometimes overturn certain provisions due to the possibility of unequal bargaining power, injustice and lack of scruples. These decisions include the nature of the agreement, the possibility of an unfair surprise, lack of notification, unequal bargaining power and material injustice. Courts often use the „doctrine of reasonable expectations“ to justify invalidating part or all of a contract of adhesion: the weaker party is not ordered to comply with contractual terms that go beyond what the weaker party would reasonably have expected from the contract, even if what it reasonably expected was outside the strict agreement. „To stick to the agreement it has reached, Russia`s leadership must change. What made you decide to look up? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote if possible). „Stick to it,“ Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 27 November 2020.

He wanted to ensure that Mr. Ghani and Dr. Abdullah still adhere to an agreement he had negotiated on the first trip to create a government of national unity. In this section Khan`s anger Fingers crossed a dark border Form for the Future ReprintsDr Abdullah claimed that more than 1 million votes were fraudulently cast for Mr. Ghani. „If you can`t measure emission reductions, you can`t be sure that countries are sticking to the agreement,“ Kelly Sims Gallagher, director of Tufts University`s Center for International Environmental and Resource Policy, told Science, adding that the repeal of CMS „is a serious mistake.“ However, if Andersen had abide by the agreement, the charges would have been dismissed. Vajpayee today assured his allies that he would abide by the agreement he had reached with them. But he drew the line on Lord`s unannounced inspections. Hussein`s presidential palaces said they would abide by an existing agreement with the United Nations that makes it nearly impossible for inspectors to audit them properly. But Ms Brooks and Mr Davidge have set a minimum interest rate, although it is unclear whether they have complied with the agreement.

But the Muslims kept an agreement with the police to keep a low profile today, and they remained silent and were virtually invisible as the papal procession passed. Washington wants South Korea to abide by a 1992 agreement it signed with North Korea that prohibits enrichment and reprocessing, even though North Korea`s activities have since rendered the agreement obsolete. Each of the officers and the security officer represent the bondholders subject to and in accordance with the financial documents, including, but not limited to, holding the transaction instrument in accordance with the security documents and guarantees under the guarantee and compliance agreement on behalf of the bondholders and, where applicable, the execution of the transaction security on behalf of the bondholders. However, proponents of the standard contract argue that it promotes the efficiency of contract law, which saves time and negotiation costs. The issuer undertakes (and, if necessary, will ensure that any other group company complies with the obligations set out in this clause 13) while the bonds are outstanding. .

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